Strange case of blur images. Canon RF 24-70 f2.8


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Aug 16, 2012
DOH! Real world pain in the butt. Just below freezing here, so decided it was a good time to knock down a very big wasp nest. Taking shots straight up in challenging early morning light, I FORGOT TO CHECK MY SHUTTER MODE! Of course I was in mechanical. And, with some distractions from my little boy, and difficulty seeing much because of glare in the EVF, I also let my shutter speed go lower than necessary, 1/200th on a 70-200 lens. So I did not get a sharp shot of the wasp nest before knocking it down.

If I hadn't done the test shots, I would have just thought all the distractions blew the shot. I know I was steady and still at the moment of capture, and I now believe this was shutter shock. DOH!
Count yourself lucky it wasn't anaphylactic shock from wasp stings.
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Dec 20, 2012
Count yourself lucky it wasn't anaphylactic shock from wasp stings.
Are you allergic? That would be horrible. I usually don't bother the nests, but this one got too big, scaring the kids. And this is a pretty aggressive variety. The dinner plate adds scale--the wasps are about the size of a toddler's pinky. Big!

The last shot, an hour after the first two, is sharper because the shutter speed was way up.


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Aug 27, 2019
Yep no thanks!!!!

We have good old yellow jacket wasps here in BC and those are enough for me. Those look absolutely evil.
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