The Canon EOS R5 Mark II coming in Q2, 2023? [CR2]

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Jul 20, 2010
During the Canon EOS R6 Mark II rumor cycle, we did get a fair bit of Canon EOS R5 Mark II talk in our inboxes. This is a fairly commong occurence during product launch cycles and we dismiss most of it. This time, we’re not quite as quick to dismiss the information sent to us

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Only other thing I’d be looking for (which I hope is a given, given the latest from R7 and R6 II) is no 30m record limit and I think it’ll be the perfect camera!

Interesting about dual CFExpress - for my R5 I bought a CFExpress card but no reader, so I essentially use my SD slot as my ‘main card’ which comes out of the camera and into my card reader for file transfer, and have never taken the CFExpress out of the camera. Guess I’ll need to buy a CFExpress reader if I’m to upgrade!
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Aug 7, 2018
Finally a camera with two fast memory cards. I never understood the appeal of SD cards. The argument is that you can get SD cards everywhere, but I think people, who pay that much money on a camera, will have enough memory cards anyway.

Did pixel shift really work well for any camera unless you use attach a concrete block to your camera to reduce the vibration?

BSI sensor would be a huge improvement. For still subjects that is even more important than a stacked sensor.

Will 1080p recording also be oversampled?

Some of those specs seem like wishes instead of rumors. Will Canon really give us a full size HDMI port that does not break after a few hundred plugs and unplugs? That will cost a lot of jobs in Canon repair facilities.
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Apr 12, 2013
external monitor + external hard drive??
Or charging + monitor/hdd?!

9MP EVF sounds good. The same Sony has for years now.

Would be nice to have a blackout free shutter and no rolling shutter at all!
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Apr 25, 2011
It's wild to see the exact same comments about this rumor when compared to the original EOS R5 rumor.
So, was "the original R5 rumor" also talking about dual CFe slots, oversampled slow-motion capture, and standard HDMI?

What would be your price expectation for such a camera with a 61 Mpixel sensor? Isn't it actually closer to R1?
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