The Canon EOS R5 Mark II is closer to a reality than Canon’s claims

Jul 20, 2016
I've only had the R5 freeze on my once. It was due to focus cycling. It couldn't find a focus and so constantly "zoomed" the focus from one end of the range to the other, over and over until a complete freeze. I've learned to change the direction the camera is pointing when this starts to happen, which is a workaround to prevent the freezing at least. Certainly not ideal.
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The R5 is probably all the camera i will ever need.
As someone for whom a lack of talent is the main reason I buy a better camera RAW burst is the next key for me. Over the couple of years since I bought an R5 I have probably taken about 1000 pictures of birds no longer on branches or emerging from nests. I've seen the size of the R3 so hope I don't need to try to carry an R1 to get what I want. R5 mark 2 can't come soon enough.
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I can think of a few, but minor things to improve:
- preshooting feature as R6mkii
- digital converter
- IBIS High Res feature with RAW option
- shutter speed options up to 1/16.000 or 1/32.000 as R3
- higher resolution on LCD screen and maybe EVF
- black-out free EVF
- faster flash sync speed.... 1/400 would be nice, 1/800 would be great Sonys A1 has 1/320 and 1/400 when shooting in crop mode
- as always: stickier and faster AF
- dedicated button (or option to customize it) for switching detection mode scene (humans - birds - vehicle)
--> I heard there is no option to switch by the push of button while you're shooting.

Edit: built in GPS would be great!

The lack of RAW burst makes the R5 look a bit old. I haven't tried eye control focusing, but doubt that it would help with any photo opportunities I miss at present. Please no GPS, battery life is terrible enough already. On a cool late winter morning I get as few as 160 shots before a battery change.

Eye detection needs a fair bit of improvement; the R5 really doesn't get that ruminants have big eyes.
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In an interview around the time of the pixel shift firmware update for the Canon EOS R5, a Canon executive claimed that Canon wasn’t even working on a follow-up to the EOS R5, which even on the surface was silly, because of course they are and have been for some time. Sometimes context gets lost

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Apart from a faster sensor I'm having trouble thinking of any other hardware improvements compared to the R5.
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Aug 26, 2015
Stacked sensor, better screens, updated af module, faster and more options on fps.....All driven by the stacked sensor. It's basically called the Z8 currently.
Couple of ways an R5 Mark II might outshine the Z8:
- Better form factor, smaller, lighter
- Video rolling shutter, for some reason, a Canon R3 has less penalty when it comes video (2x more compared to stills, while in case of Sony or Nikon stacked sensors it is 4x more compared to stills, almost the same as an original R5, the Mark II might be close to an R3)
- Newer AF system
- Mechanical shutter remains useful for maximising dynamic range or potentially higher sync speed with flash
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So many cameras were "all the camera I will ever need".
Before a new toy was announced...;)
You are absolutely right. Most people don’t know “what they need” before it is available. When you asked people who owned a Sony Walkman what they would like in the future, nobody asked for an iPod, because they simply did not know that that was possible. It’s called innovation, which is different from pure product development.
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Del Paso

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Aug 9, 2018
Yes, they do.
They just do not know what they want.
Camera gear is a long ways down on the hierarchy of needs.
That's correct!
I guess the ones for whom a camera is a necessity, a tool, are a minority.
So, whenever we say "I need a new camera", it just means "I'd like to have it".
But life's pleasures are seldom necessities...
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