The Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II is finally on the way

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..a shuttered lens, backwards viewing backwards..
Man, the g5 is Canon's best PnS, and I really feel people overlook it (the g1xm3 is too soft, and not fast enough. Fail!). I shoot as a professional product photographer with a 5DSr, but street photography is my passion. While I own a 42mp full frame Sony rx1rm2 for street photography, it is my beloved g5 which usually hits the streets instead. Yes, i just said that: I prefer my g5 over my sony rx1m2 for MOST street shooting situations. Plus, the g5 can get stolen and I can replace it tmrw. Not so with the Sony. When I bought my g5, I had considered the rx100, but for me and my requirements the g5 was a seriously better camera than the rx100 and it had a 24-100 equiv instead of the Sony 24-70. The g5 fit me better.
BUT the g5 has MAJOR problems that they need to address:
-RAW continuous burst is 1 shot and then the buffer hangs. You get 1 RAW shot at full size RAW. 1! Takes another 3 seconds before you can snap another. So the camera DOES do its advertised 5fps, sure, but only in jpeg. In RAW it does .25fps. Or maybe .5fps. Pretty bad for a DIGIC 6. Canon often does things like this. Not cool.
-There is no picture style. I cannot shoot in black and white RAW, and I have to wait until I am processing to do what I need to do. This is a stupid move for a camera meant to be sold to novices but also draw in enthusiasts. It also makes focus peaking harder to use. Focus peaking plus monochrome equals win, but Canon has a hard time wrapping their minds around a STILL camera with focus peaking, etc. I guess Sony spoiled me with their features and customizability. Each company has their pros and cons, though, so cool down, fanboys of both.
-More custom buttons, more assignation options, please. Also, in-camera charging. Thanks!
-Make that viewfinder less obvious, as it hangs on my pocket. The camera looks worse than the new R. What a dreadfully fugly design. Who signed off on having giant 1" viewfinders on the g1xm3, g5x, and the new R? Flog and then fire that guy! Whoever came up with the flat RP VF design, give him a raise and let him design the whole body next time. Give me something INTERESTING-LOOKING as well as functional.
-Add threads to end of lens so I can put UV filters on it. This camera suffers greatly from UV haze/light problems. If you want to draw enthusiasts or pros to this small camera, then consider that we tend to use filters on our lenses. DUH!?!?!
Anyway, I love my g5x and it is likely I will take a hard look at the new model.

As for brand loyalty: I used to fawn over Canon and be loyal even down to peripherals, but the moment they released the boring-looking R with a 3-year old sensor, and a mount that required an adapter after they said they had a sexy solution that did not require an adapter, then to heck with brand loyalty. I have 5 EF L lenses which are now or in the next 5 years almost guaranteed to be obsolete, so, um, yeah, forget brand loyalty. What would be nice is if they offered a buyback service for all the people who bought into L and now feel betrayed. If I could I would love to dump all my L glass and re-invest into RF, and I wish Canon would start a program to help with this. (For now, though, I am sworn off all ILC's, and just shooting with fixed lens cameras.) I mean, these companies do not care about you to the point where they lobby the government to enact laws that favor their profits over your well-being, so why be loyal?
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