The next Canon EOS R5 firmware update is coming next month [CR2]


Canon 5D3, 17 TSE, 35 IS, 100 L, 70-200 2.8 IS II
Jan 11, 2014
- Pixelshift would be awesome
- 2second self-release without blinking LED
- Renaming C1(AV) would be nice. The current small letters like AV or TV from base mode with userinput
- Customisation of all buttons. If I want to custom/change the loupe-button as well, why shouldn't? Lock button is useless
- Using the sensor while mounting another lense... why not shut off...
May 12, 2020
I'd love to be able to use the DoF Preview button to switch to APS-C crop - preferably while holding down the button (though I could make do with a toggle). When shooting sports, I shoot an occasional distant shot that needs a lot of cropping, and it would be great to be able to "zoom" in and pre-crop it on the fly. This would make the Internet Proofs much more sellable to my customers (even though I crop them anyway after purchase, I use very small images for the online proofs).

(And if you have time left after that and can add a 14 bit global shutter via firmware so I can use my studio strobes at 1/8000th, that would be fab, too!)


Eos R , R6 , R5
Jul 9, 2020
Remove 30 min record limit.
Zebras in photo and video
Ibis options to adjust to ibis wobble , much like autofocus speed, “ibis strength”?
improve app

For Pete’s sake, open RF Mount to third parties so there is no need to reverse engineer.
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Apr 22, 2015
I just want a shutter noise added to the ES so I can hear exactly when I am shooting and when I stop. If you want ES to be silent great, but a toggle for a shutter noise would be great. I love how Sony implemented their fake shutter noise and I want my R5 to do the same.

Also, can we get less than 20 fps in ES? How about 20, 15, 10, and 5 as options.


Oct 19, 2011
Middle Europe
My dreams... posted in another thread some days before - but they are still alive!

Longer battery life, Engery boost (less draining, better efficiency ), bug fixing, Spot AF & AF behavior, button customiziation freedom

  • Longer battery life. My R5 drains the batteries 2-3 times as my Sony 7RIV (also when adapted to the 600mml L IS II and 400mm III L 2.8). In the last days about 1500 shots each with Eos R5 and 7RIV show the potential.
  • When switches off, my R5 still drains battery. This is not much, but one bar is lost over night.
  • The IS continues running after an shot for about 15s, also after switching the cam off.
  • My R5 freezes (1(-2) times each day with need of replacing the batteries
  • H+ speed is just working, when using the new kind of batteries (funny, but an signle and almost empty E6NH battery allows to shoot superfast, but two brandnew E6N batteries do allow just an reduced fps-shooting
  • Missing the old Spot-AF. The "Spot" on the R5 is often to large to get some details nailed. So an smaller point (like on the old 5DIV) would be welcome
  • AF inconsitent on not moving target in Eye-detection mode. My R5 is often not able to "see" the subject. One large bird in the field (no matter if grass or snow covered field) is not recognised. Each other blade of grass is recognized as an subject or each other snowflake... but not the big raptor. It gets better if I switch the AF mode on another Case and then get back on the original case and then add "Auto". So, this problem has to be solved anyway
  • AF sometimes does not start huntintg for an subject. So, manually turning the AF-Ring on my big whites is needed to start the AF to work.
  • More freedom in getting 2-3 customized settings (AF, tracking, exposure time, Iso all in one case) - placed on one button for each customized "case". For superfast switching by just pressing one button
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Canon Sued Me Once
Feb 8, 2020
How about 180fps with a time limitation? That would be fine and a good addition for some very specific shots many could benefit from!
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Jan 21, 2021
+ Open gate shooting (in raw)
As a filmmaker, I'd like the ability to utilise the full size of the sensor and achieve nonconventional frame sizes. Don't limit our creativity - give us a chance to experiment. Unlocking full sensor raw was the biggest appeal of Magic Lantern.

+ Option to disable menu transfer while using an external monitor
It should be a choice. As a user, I'd like to be able to keep the menu on in-camera LCD while keeping an uninterrupted clean feed on external monitor

+ Option to customise/assign function to the Rate button
Or at least the ability to assign photo/video mode switch to any other buttons

+ Export/Import menu settings to/from file
I appreciate with limited availability this may sound unlikely but some users will own more than one body. Giving them an option to sync settings would be a welcomed addition.


EOS M6 Mark II
Sep 23, 2015
Aspect Ratio Guides!!!!!!!!!

I still can’t understand how this hasn’t been added ‍♂️


I'm New Here
Sep 11, 2012
-Add "AF Start" to "switch to registered AF function"
-"AE lock hold" ( *H) doesn't work when "shutter button half press" is set to" AE lock while button pressed)
-10 or 12 frames option high speed electronic shutter
-Direct acces to setting minimum shutter speed in Auto Iso ( with control ring?)
-"Exposure Simulation Disabled" lock or compensation( for flash with strong backlight causing underexposed viewfinder image)
Jan 21, 2021
What I would really like to see in the next firmware: AWB (Auto White Balance) Lock, a feature already available on .. Sony and Fuji cameras..


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Jul 10, 2020
Let ‘em flood that rear display with histogram’s while filming. Everything else is absurd!
May 12, 2017
Wishlist for R6 (and R5):

•Ability to disable IBIS in menu but leave OIS turned on (RF mount)
•Ability to assign any function to any button.
•Remove the 30 minute time limit in video mode.
•Add an AF function where if in follow mode a person leaves the frame the focus doesn’t go to the background, but remembers the last AF position. (Like the C70 has)
•Remove the slightly yellow cast (R6 only)
•Less IBIS wobble at wide angle lenses (video)
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Jan 31, 2020
Hoping for a firmware update for the R6 with shutter/aperture priority video modes. Or a new lower-end camera with those and full frame 4K DPAF. Alas, the R5 is out of my price range.
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