Time for a 24mm Prime...To Get, Sigma or Canon?


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Aug 16, 2012
wldbil said:
Ahsanford here is a picture of the sky at 1.4 and a blurred one of my pond at 1.4 taken at the same time of day. I notice the sky but don’t notice the corners darkening in the pond. That is what I meant.

Sure, gotcha. Thx.

Yes, framing and subject matter can relegate vignetting to out of sight, out of mind places.

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Sep 27, 2013
Dear LSXPhotog, did you get the Sigma 24 Art? What's your feedback on that lens? I'm seriously thinking on getting one, as I have had two copies of the 24L Mark II and had to return them as they missed focus a lot when shooting wider than f/2.2 on my 5D3's and 5D4's.

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