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Harry Potter & The 5D Mark II

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From Planet5D
“the crew working on the next Harry Potter movie has 2 Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras on set for filming. And, they’re using Panavision lenses on the 5D2s.”

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That’s Iron Man 2 and Harry Potter apparently using the 5D Mark II’s. It’s safe to assume updated firmware is being used.

thanks mitch


43 responses to “Harry Potter & The 5D Mark II”

  1. I work in the industry and I can assure you that they are not shooting their motion picture on the 5D. This is simply not done on major motion pictures. They may be using it for testing or previewing but that would be all.

  2. I keep hearing about this stuff. Really interesting. I have looked online and found some other blogs that offer some information, but not as much as on this site. Your blog is definitely going in my subscription program!

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