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Leica Announces M (Type 242) Digital Rangefinder

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Leica has officially announced their new entry level M digital rangefinder camera. This new camera will replace the Leica M-E and bring to an end the CCD M rangefinder.

Compared to the Leica M (Type 24), these are the main differences in the Type 242:

  • No Liveview (So no EVF?)
  • No Video
  • 100g lighter, top plate made of aluminum
  • Smaller red dot Leica Logo
  • Shutter is quieter than the Type 240
  • There are only 2 pages in the menu system.
  • A closer body design to the M9
  • Price: € 5,500/£4,050 (incl. VAT), $5,195 in the US (available for pre-order now)


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