All of us in AURORA skycam are very proud to show some of the first content shot with the amazing Canon ME20F-SH.

Anders Hanssen have filmed and produced the movie with good help from Jason Last from our team for the final touch. You’ve probably never seen better films and footage, that can better show what the beauty of the northern lights are all about. With this camera it’s like the greatest wide angle pictures of aurora borealis, but we now have the possibility to present it in a HD movie.

12 days of filming in August
There was only a short time to create the promo because of the IBC. We therefore had to drive 4.698 km, chasing good weather, dark skies and Miss Aurora´s dance in the short amount of days. After that we only had 6 days for the production of the movie. 14,5 hours of footage, have been cut down and presented in a 3 minute long promo on the IBC 2015. For those interested to see more footage we will present teasers every week on our youtube channel and in our website. Every month we will also present a 3 minute short movie with new and amazing material.

You can read more at CPN Europe.

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