We're told at least 3 new PowerShot cameras are scheduled to be announced for CES in January, at least two of which will be a “G” series compact. If we had to take an educated guess, we think the G3 X will see a replacement close to the G1 X Mark III, but without the EVF and the G5 X will be a smaller sensor G1 X Mark III.

We have moved the PowerShot G3 X to “Don't Buy” in the Buyers Guide.

We do not think the PowerShot G7 X Mark II will be replaced at CES and will likely come later at CP+. We don't have the sales numbers, but the PowerShot G7 line seems to be the most popular of the “G” series cameras.

We still do not know if a new superzoom is coming, I get asked about an SX70 HS almost weekly, and sadly I have nothing to report on that front.

More to come…

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