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New 60D Specs? [CR1]

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From CR Comments
The following came from a comment here at Canon Rumors. Not sure why I wasn’t emailed, but here they are anyway. :)


  • 13.8 mp Sensor
  • 11 pt AF w/new technology on center af point
  • 6.5 FPS
  • Video as T2i (additional crop modes of 1080(2x) and 720(3.5x)
  • Native ISO (100-6400) H1,H2
  • 98% VF
  • Improved sharpness and one stop improvement over 7d in High ISO

Take this for what it’s worth.

Thanks LukeLx


182 responses to “New 60D Specs? [CR1]”

  1. What horsecrap; resize to image equivalence. That’s the heart of the matter; image noise is dependent on image equivalence, not 100% crop.

    The kind of image quality you’re talking about is detail versus noise. Canon’s high resolution cameras allow you to capture more detail at low isos compared to Nikon, but at higher isos they also have more noise. When you remove the noise with software, Canon and Nikon have almost exactly the same detail and noise.

  2. If you’ve made 1/4 million why are you still using a 7D? Why not upgrade to a D3S (since that’s future-proof, unlike the 1D4) or a 5D2 (since you’re in a studio setting)?

  3. 13.8 MP. If this is true, than that would be awesome. But, somehow I doubt Canon is going to put any less than 18 MP into this camera.

  4. I am Charles Bronson, not to be confused with C. Bronson, who is a different poster. And it is indeed my real name.

  5. I doubt it will be 13.8 MP since the 50D has 15.1 and a .2 increase in fps would cause a serious yawn. Larger viewfinder and video for sure but unless it has a real usable ISO 6400 I think many will pass, might as well spend a few hundred more and get a 7D with better performance all around.

    If Canon is really trying to give us what we want, I need FF, dual digic V, 8fps, 29 AF points with a real usable ISO 12800 at the 3K price point…..

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