Canon Canada has done what we knew was coming. They have redone the CPS program to come more inline with the USA and European programs.

cps - New Canon Canada CPS

thanks all



  1. i will be surprised if the service improves at all
    they waist threir time coming up with gread deals for i donot know who except the working photographer…

  2. i dont want to ship my equipment to missisaga or anywhere else i want canon service here in montreal,got it…… go ahead and ship your lences and cameras ,
    nikon has a service office here for years and takes care of all needs for its pros thats what we need.

  3. Annoying Mark II TEAM on

    You also need to prove you’re a full time professional photographer.

  4. How long have you been a CPS member, and how often do you get your gear cleaned? I have pretty low standards I guess, but I clean my gear myself and I get CPS pricing on new gear already. The fee for membership should still be based on people being actual working pros in my opinion, not a bunch of folks who have expensive gear who can’t maintain it themselves. I have one body that is easily over 240,000 images and it has never needed “professional” service, but on the other hand my wife’s 40D needed a new shutter after 35,000 or so images and that took two weeks returned for$240 shipping included. If I had CPS membership I would still have to pay for cleaning and repairs, plus I pay for the membership. I am just glad that the other TS-Es got “L” status so maybe a new 45 is around the corner, the 90 is fine the way it is.

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