It may not wait
I received new information from a couple of sources regarding a new Rebel for PMA. Both sources claim that a new dslr is definitely coming, and the Rebel will be it.

There will be no new pro camera body for PMA they both say as well.

Neither had any information in regards to new lenses.

Waterproof Camera [CR2]

Is Canon going to wise up and release a waterproof/shockproof camera for PMA? One of the sources thinks so.

Panasonic recently launched one and I'm willing to bet Olympus is going to lose a ton of sales because of it (SD Cards instead of xD).

There's nothing defininitive at this time.


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  1. In that case MXKY, pick up a 40D. I think they’re about the same price now (body only) and you will be much happier with the xxD over a xxxD or xxxxD body. After having a 40D since this past summer, I’m never moving back down to a tiny rebel.

  2. Hi Alan, here in France, it’s really not the same price. The 450D body only is about 500 euros (645$) and the 40D body only costs 750 euros (968$).. And I find the 40D a bit too big and heavy, especially with my 17-40 and the lens hood.

  3. I might be going against the grain here, but I’d quite like a pro body with a 1.6 crop and a few less megapixels. As someone keen on birding, I find the critical aspects of a camera are reach (hence the crop), speed and low-light response (for birds that skulk in cover). My kit now is a 40D using the 100-400mm lens, and switching to FF would mean having to fork out for a hugely expensive 600mm lens to get the same reach and maintain autofocus. I did look at the 50D, but the high ISO performance looked unusable, so I’m now looking to sacrifice a little crop for what I hope will be a 1.3 crop 1D3 successor with high ISO to match or better the 5DII. If Canon could put out a pro body with 1.6 crop, however, that would be perfect.

  4. nikon doesn’t have a camera in that price range that can touch the canons in that range – the xs is a superior camera to the d60 never mind the xsi

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