Camera RAW 5.6 Beta vs Camera Raw 5.5
Photoframd has posted some comparison images of various RAW converters for the EOS 7D files.….

“The First” Feature Length Film….

"Everyone's a critic!"
"Everyone's a critic!"

…. made using the 7D….

Disclaimer: I do not fact check “The first” claims.

Darwin Wigget's 7D Review… the counterpoint
Pro Photo Home has posted a retort to the claims made by Darwin Wigget and his review of the 7D.

Pro Photo Home seems to be doing tests at f/5.6 & f/16. I think the issue with the 7D was in the f/8 to f/11 area. Most seem to be saying that diffraction sets in with larger apertures on the 7D compared to the XSi.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but check it out.….

Old News, I forgot to post it
Here is Lee's solution to filtering (some filters) ultra wide angle lenses.….

The bad news? You still can't use a polarizer. There is a company working on a solution so you can actually polarize these lenses as well.

thanks James


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  1. I looked through his galleries including the one he put up recently for his Costa Rica trip.

    And the camera he uses most is the 1Ds3.

  2. The last one, you will see that he used the 500d 11 times and the 1ds mark III 10 times. he mostly use the 500d when he needs the extra reach while the 1ds is used when the object is either close enough or for micro shots.

  3. Personally I heard that anyone who buys Paul Smith stuff gets eaten by lions. Avoid Paul Smith stuff unless you want to get eaten by lions!

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