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Patent: Canon EF-M 9-18mm f/3.5-4.5

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A patent showing  a new ultra wide angle optical formula has appeared in the form of a 9-18mm f/3.5-4.5 STM. This could be a higher  end version of the EF-M 11-22 f/4-4.5 IS STM.

Patent Publication No. 2016-54371 (Google Translated)

  • Published 2016.4.14
  • Filing date 2014.9.3
  • Zoom ratio 1.90
  • Wide-angle intermediate telephoto
  • Focal length 9.22 14.05 17.50
  • F-number 3.39 4.04 4.63
  • Half angle of view (degrees) 53.07 44.12 37.91
  • Image height 12.27 13.63 13.63
  • Overall length of the lens 89.68 83.60 86.84
  • BF 14.22 15.78 16.00
  • Upon correction of the distortion, providing a constraint on stretching amount at each image height
  • Properly set the curve shape of the distortion aberration

There definitely see to be a lot of EOS M patents and talk happening at the moment. We expect to see at least one higher end EOS M camera announced and delivered this year.

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