Canon still working on Foveon Technology
Canon has been working on 3 layer Foveon sensor technology for a while now, it still hasn't appeared in a camera and we haven't heard anything to say it will. However, the fact they continue to spend resources on it, tells us there is definitely a good application for the technology.

Patent Publication No. 2013-93553 (Google Translated)

  • Publication date 2013.5.16
  • Filing date 2011.10.4

Imaging element of three-layer structure

  • Photodiode deep layer (hereinafter, PD) in the charge is diffused into the substrate
  • Thus sensitivity is poor red

Canon patent

  • I as a photonic crystal of irregular shape, the boundary surface of the PD of red or green,
  • In the periodic structure of uneven spacing, less than twice the 1/4 times or more the wavelength of light, or I shall be two times or less 1/2 times or more
  • Irregular shape has the properties to be spatially-localized or resonant light
  • The incident light is diffracted, it combines with the light of the boundary plane, the resonant
  • Prolonged exists than normal, the light becomes easy to be absorbed by the PD Thus

Source: [EG]


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