Tripods tend to be some of the most frustrating accessories to buy for your workflow. It's very hard to find that “perfect” solution for your needs. We have used plenty of the high-end tripods, some of the low-end tripods and everything in between.

SmallRig has been aggressively developing their tripod line-up and the biggest things you'll notice is the price of their gear. It's affordable for pretty much everyone. We use a bunch of SmallRig accessories and we've never had a problem with the products or customer service.

Potato Jet has posted a review of the SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod with fluid head, which you can grab for less than $400 USD directly from SmallRig or Amazon.

SmallRig FreeBlazer Features

  • One-key locking, quick height adjustment
  • Adjustable step-less damping system
  • Easy switch between Manfrotto and DJI RS quick release plates
  • Lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber legs with a large load capacity
  • Interchangeable wide feet and spike feet

SmallRig FreeBlazer Kit Contents

  • FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Fluid Video Head DH10
  • Custom Tripod Carrying Bag
  • Allen Wrench

SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fiber Video Tripod Kit $359 at Amazon

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