Canon PowerShot

Powershot Gx? [CR1]

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Canon PowerShot Gx
So is the next Power “G” series camera going to be departure? From the purported spec list below, that seems to be the case.  There was non mention when a “G” replacement would be announced.

  • 12mp (Larger CMOS Sensor)
  • 6.5x Zoom
  • f/2 The Largest Aperture
  • 1080p HD Video (Upgraded Video Features)
  • Optical VF Removed
  • 3″ Articulating Screen (High Resolution)
  • $600 USD

This will not be a mirrorless camera, but a high end fixed lens PowerShot. The departure has been hinted at previously.

CRs Take
I don’t doubt they’d sell a boatload of higher end, higher IQ PowerShot cameras. There are lots of people that desire a on camera solution with great IQ. The source is new, so I’d get the salt shaker out.


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