There's a cash back program in Japan on the 50D. Save about $220 on a 50D with an 18-200 and $125 on a 50D with a 17-85. 


No rebates to announce yet, I can't remember the last time Canada didn't have a rebate program in the summer months.

There's an instant rebate on the T1i at the moment with multiple lens kits. Saving a few dollars anyway.

thanks jose


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  1. As I mentioned back in April, I used one of the Japan cashback deals for the 18-200, 50D kit. I also got the dealer to give me their temporary internet price, so the final bill after cashback was only $1400 USD. The cashback was in my hands in less than 3 weeks – nice deal! (plus the dealer gave me a 150 dollar in-store credit for my purchase which I used for a new bag, some filters and accessories – unreal)

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