Big Red Announced
Yes, this this is kind of neat.

Anyone else get the feeling that this thing was designed and marketed to get bought by someone like Canon, Sony or Panasonic? I'm thinking aloud, but I almost feel this thing wasn't built to ever reach market under “Red”.

I could be wrong. :)


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  1. Well if Canon did buy them out it will be the end of the line for any competitor… that is if they buy out sigma as well because sigma just bought out foveon… just think a red “brain” with foveon technology that essentially triples the photosites with no bayer interpolation and canons research budget to back this…. I think I am going to need a cold shower or something….

  2. The Reds defiantly would suit an indy filmmaker… Just because canon’s not geared for ‘movie’ making (well not yet). All I have to say is Epic 617 = 261 Mega Pixel movie cam.

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