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T1/2000D Announcement [CR1]

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Better than a 1D4
The announcement for the T1/2000D could be as soon as June 9, 2009.

I have another report that says it’ll be announced June 23, 2009.


29 responses to “T1/2000D Announcement [CR1]”

  1. What else makes you cry? Honestly, just why would an entry level camera need more fps? This is a camera for beginners to let them learn about the basics, continues shooting at a high speed is not a basic feature.

  2. Do you want him to just make up something??

    There has to be a reasonable rumor to report. We have been getting way more rumors that are exceptionally accurate, so I find the site useful. If they just made up stuff, it would worth a lot less.

    Perhaps I could make up something.

    The new 1D MK IV will have a new hi-power Laser auto focus system that is accurate to 0.1mm and works with live view and movie mode. It can also be set to turn the camera into a weapon. This might find use at soccer games where you want to disrupt the opposing team by temporarily blinding them. It would give london poliece something to worry about when a tourist tried to photograph them.

    For wildlife shooters, you could literally “shoot them”.

  3. It’s an expression. Easy on the literalism. Anyway, you said “deprived of latest generation gadgetry.” I would never say that 3.5 fps is latest generation gadgetry.

  4. I said no such thing. But in any case continuous shooting at 3.5 fps might not be “latest generation gadgetry” but it’s a luxury not needed in an entry level camera

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