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Canon EOS-1D C Coming Down in Price Again?

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It looks like Canon Hong Kong has dropped the price of the Canon EOS-1D C down to what coverts to $7000USD. Will we see this sort of price decrease in Europe or North America? Only time will tell.

“According to EOSHD forum member Fabuloux, whose local dealer now sells the 1D C for HKD 54,000 ($7000 US dollars) the low price is a result of Canon lowering the official list price to $61,999 HK dollars. Sure enough you can view the new price on the official Canon Hong Kong website here.  That is now MUCH closer to the RRP in Hong Kong of the plain old 1D X, which sells for $44,000 ($5700 US dollars).”

The Canon EOS-1D C currently lists for $11,999 at B&H Photo.

Source: [EOSHD] | Canon EOS-1D C at B&H Photo

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