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The Canon EOS R5 has passed Bluetooth certification

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It looks like one of the last hurdles to production has been passed, as the Canon EOS R5 has received Bluetooth certification.

Nokishita breaks down the certification and code names:

Canon “DS126831 / 36/37/38/39/40” also passed Bluetooth certification. Probably all “EOS R5” (36 is North American version [1-11,36-64,149-165ch], 38 is Taiwan etc. version [1-11,36-165ch], 39 is Chinese version [1-13,36-64,149] -165ch]. There should be a Japanese version [1-13,36-140ch] and a 1-13,36-165ch compatible version)

Things are obviously all over the place at the moment, but the last thing I was told is that the EOS R5 would still begin shipping in July. I just don’t know when the official announcement date will be.

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