DXOMark has completed their testing of the Google Pixel Fold in 3 categories; display, camera and audio performance. While the Google Pixel Fold did great on the display ranking, placing first in their Global Rankings, the camera and audio performance lagged well behind.

The Google Pixel Fold performed particularly well in DXOMARK’s Display testing, reaching 151 points and earning joint top position in the DXOMARK

On the camera side of things, the Google Pixel Fold came in 28th in their global rankings. That said, it did rank first in DXOMark's rankings of foldable phones including the Z Flip and Z Fold series of phones from Samsung.

The normal issues with the Pixel Fold camera came when lighting conditions weren't ideal. These issues include noise and what I like to refer to as “mushy” output when the software removes detail to combat noise.

This was a product I was excited for when it was in its eternal rumor cycle, but that excitement waned once it was announced. I am glad to see Google has upped their display quality, but at the same time, the foldable market needs some better camera performance.

You can check out the full reviews of the Google Pixel Fold at DXOMark here.

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