Now Stuck in London

Got out of Dublin after 6 hours of delay, which of course caused us to miss the connection flight to Toronto. So now I'm stuck here. There's lots of snow coming down at the moment as well.

The charm of all this is wearing quite thin.

Best part, Air Canada has my luggage with our clothes and toothpaste. Awesome! I think we're almost out of diapers too.

Ah well, it's great to be alive and own Canon stuff. :)

Having a great time

Sorry there has been no updates, I'm on day 2 of being trapped in Dublin airport. Some terrible weather cancelled all the flights yesterday and there are tons of delays today.

I hope to be back in Canada tonight.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Snowing in London?

    I’m in London and it’s clear as.. wait.. loads of cloud. Can’t see snow. Must be Heathrow and it’s weird micro-climate

  2. Get yourself and the family home safe. I know what its like, i used to travel exclusively with work for 8 years. It can be a total pain in the ass !!!

    Take care and let us know what the goss is when you get home!

    ps. i am Australia now, and we are expecting 115 F highs 2morrow … but thats a whole new story :o)

  3. As an Irish person I’d like to say sorry for the delays in Dublin airport. Apparently they had the wrong de-icer fluid to use on the ice in Dublin airport. Speaking with no authority what so ever that surprises me since I was pretty sure most ice and snow was made of water so I would have imagined de-icers were pretty standard.

    On the up side you’ll be pleased to know that I am an Irish person who has flown 4 times on Air Canada in the last 2 years so you can take an amount of revenge from the fact that they have never managed to get us to St John’s in Newfoundland without some drama or other, though we’ve generally made it with-in 48 hours. ;)

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