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Zeiss Brothers

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They arrived
Initial impressions….. holy smokes the build quality is top notch.

Haven’t had a chance to shoot with them yet.


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  1. I read a review of the 50mm elsewhere saying that it was not as sharp as you could have wished for especially considering the price tag. The Canon 50mm 1.4 was sharper. Only good thing was the build quality.

    I’m eager to see if you reach the same conclusion. The 85mm is also very interesting.

  2. I’m eager to read about your experiences with these lenses, especially concerning the manual focus experience. If you could get your hand on special focusing screens like the Ee-S (5D) and compare that to the standard screen, it would be terrific…

  3. the ZF (and now the ZE) lines aren’t ALL gold… Id say most of the lenses are at least nice but some really shine. The 50/1.4 wasn’t shown to be a real show stopper… just a nice lens… the 50/2 makro-planar is a whole different beast… the 35/2 and the 100/2 are also phenomenal lenses (albeit not without their flaws)… that said, sometimes its simply the rendering of zeiss lenses that is preferred over others. For example I can’t stand the rendering of most Sigma lenses even if technically they are great… I’m ok with some of Tamron’s and tokina’s lenses (needless to say Canon too) but most Sigma lens images are ughh (a noted exception is the 500/4.5)… same thing for me with Zeiss… all technical details aside I just love how most of their lenses render a picture and Im willing to loose AF/USM for it

  4. I tried out the 50mm at B&H this morning. Build quality is great. Focus ring was a little too tight for my taste. Bokeh was beautiful however my eyes aren’t good enough to manual focus quickly in front of a 21mp sensor. For street photographers or landscape people or people with better eyes and patience, nice glass.

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