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1D Mark IV Arrival?

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We’re been told that a certain business was told by Canon to expect their order of 5 1D Mark IV bodies on December 15, 2009.

I’ve been told to expect the bodies to be available the first week of January in Ontario. That’s from 1 store, looking for confirmation from others.

We should start seeing them appearing in various parts of Europe around the 15th of December.

I’ve received no information about the Asian market… as usual, they’ll probably get a few first.

Thanks Mark


21 responses to “1D Mark IV Arrival?”

  1. Galbraith has been very quiet lately about the 7D. He did a preview where he, obviously, didn’t know how to use the new AF correctly. Now that the 7D’s AF is universally praised and the camera has been widely available for about 2 months, where is he?

  2. I preordered from on Oct 20th, and my Amazon iPhone app says January 25, 2010. I hope you all are right.

  3. I’m above number 30 on the Calumet waiting list…I’ve called today to check out the 12/15 estimate and there was no news…any updates?

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