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1D Mark IV – By Ole Jorgen Liodden

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Tough crowd!

Canon is not letting anyone do anything with the camera. Samples and everything are being pulled down all over the web.

Part of why I posted this is because of this iron fist Canon has on testers. If the camera turns out trouble free, then we’ll all be happy.

Keep checking back to his site to see the indepth review of the camera. I was just pointing out a guy that has done some good write ups in the past and is a good contributor to Canon Rumors.

Even Mr. Laforet isn’t allowed to release much.

First Impressions
A new preview/review is up for the 1D Mark IV. This is very preliminary. I’m sure the final review will be coming closer to the time of release.

Thanks Ole


27 responses to “1D Mark IV – By Ole Jorgen Liodden”

  1. I’m starting to wonder if its against my own best interests to buy stuff from Canon USA. Its like they hate us, nothing else could explain it. Who else would work so hard to silence their biggest fans and loudest cheerleaders?

  2. lol at this comment.

    Yes they are silencing us.

    The camera was released last week. It’s not going to be in consumer’s hands until mid late december.

    There is more than enough time for them to tweak it as much as they can. I don’t see anything wrong with this strategy. With the laforet situation.

    If you remember a similar thing happen to his last movie. But that was partly because he made the movie out of his own accord and Canon eventually bought the rights to it so it took a little time for the transition.

  3. I agree that the Laforet situation may be more a matter of them agreeing on a price for the rights to the video.

    However, with most new releases of a camera this calibre, it seems to be the norm that if you loan a preproduction model to a photographer, generally they can post images that they take with the camera. The policy with this model just seems odd…as if they rushed its announcement, and then realized something was a bit off, and now are trying to squelch that.

  4. I think Canon is trying to keep Preproduction images
    from tainting the opinions of buyers before they can get
    regular production bodies out the doors to the reviewers.

    It seems like all they are letting them do is comment on form & function.

    Canon wants this launch to go right, after the Mk3 oops.

    but I think they’ve got this launch all wrong, there should have been no restrictions.
    There was nothing wrong with Laforet’s video, in fact I think it would help sell the camera.

  5. Love this camera! Super cute and fits perfectly in a pocket. The only thing I’ve had trouble with it in the dark pictures. Which I’ve found is hard for any camera. But all in all…..yes so worth the money!!!!

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