The latest on the next 1Ds
I've received spots of info about the 1Ds over the last month or so. Some good stuff and some silly stuff (square sensor).

Release Date?
I've received a few dates, but the last one stated the 1st half of April 2010. The release would coincide with the new firmware for the 5D Mark II.

The specs are basically the 1D Mark IV with a 32mp sensor and a much slower framerate. There has been no mention of any new 1Ds only features outside of the sensor.

Could there be some advances in the movie mode? I could definitely see that being a possibility. The movie feature of digital SLR's (especially from Canon) has been great for sales.

Expect a price tag of $8499 USD.

Camera Testing?
No third party currently has a 1Ds Mark IV. They should make their way into selected pro hands sometime in the next couple of months.

Photokina in September?
This camera could be released for Photokina. This was the original timeframe for the 1Ds4.


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  1. “EXCELLENT high iso performance”
    no problem as long as low ISO quality is not sacrificed or neglected.

    “as long as they keep noise under certain levels”
    that’s the problem, Canon is keeping noise at certain levels
    so they can in increase Megapixels.
    I’d rather have less noise.

  2. It’s also wrong for the same sensor size and technology. Scale down the higher res image and you have the same low-noise image (within certain limits; banding might show up earlier with the smaller pixels).

  3. It depends how big the square sensor is. I think we’ve had this discussion before, but if the sensor were something like (ballpark don’t crucify me) 30mm x 30mm most lenses would be able to cover that spec.

  4. Thanks, that totally makes sense, and I see something I had missed.

    It’s not that the image circle isn’t a circle, it’s that you can’t inscribe a 36×36 mm square in it even if you can inscribe a 36x24mm square in it. I ran the math on that, I’d expect a sensor just the tiniest bit over 30mm (I think I got something like 30.6mm), which matches your memory, and yeah, it totally makes sense.

    The tilt-shift lenses produce significantly bigger image circles and could cover bigger sensors today, but … yeah. Thanks!

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