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DPR has completed their review of the 50D (No, I haven't finished mine.). I agree with some of their negatives and I'll even be adding a few (teaser!).

Conclusion Page of DPR Review



  1. i think some people need to do a little more research and try the 50D in real world conditions….

    2 issues:
    – at this time – 50d RAW conversion is better w/ supplied DPP vs Adobes release…. (even final 4.6 release)
    – err 99 is fixed by firmware release.

    if you cruise over to you will see multiple pictures from 50D and personal test compared to 40D. 50D performs better than 40D – ‘slightly’

    also, there are 2 other reviews: and a german based site that cover the for-mentioned issues.
    they also site the limitation of the kit lens w/ new sensor.

    basically both cameras are very good cameras (40D and 50D) and each user needs to determine their own requirements.

    on P.O.T.N – forum members have been picking out contradictions just like on the forum on DCR….

    Yes – i get my 50D tomorrow …. i can’t wait!
    My 20D will be a back up.

    just my 2 cents … have a good one and happy shooting …. pictures.

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