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*UPDATED* 5D Mark II Firmware Update

Screenshot Image
This image is actually from the 1D Mark IV. So does that cast some doubt on 60fps @ 720p being available in the 5D Mark II firmware update?

thanks Tom

Still 2010

5D Mark II Menu System with new Firmware
5D Mark II Menu System with new Firmware | photo: Planet5D

The new firmware for the 5D Mark II will not only feature 24p, but there will also be a 720p @ 60fps mode.

I neglected reporting on this because I just figured that was a given. I’ve received numerous tips on this.

Can-Do Film Festival
Philip Bloom has announced a film festival focusing on films made with Canon hybrid DSLR’s.

Read more at Planet5D:….


59 responses to “*UPDATED* 5D Mark II Firmware Update”

  1. great!

    but when exactly?

    could they be more specific about the releasing date?

    first half of 2010 could be in 7 month!!!

  2. As a landscape and event stills photographer, I am hoping that Canon remembers me and provides shutter speed limiting for auto-ISO, a feature that is on many point and shoots (e.g., my Panasonic DMC-LX3). With the unforgiving resolution of the 5DMK2 full frame sensor, I want to be able to limit my 16mm to 1/60th, not 1/10th, for example. And @Torban, I agree, autoISO in manual still mode.

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