Replacement of the SX1 IS
Received an email saying Canon would be replacing the SX1 IS with a completely different camera. The camera would be modeled around the G11 and use a CMOS based sensor. The “GX1” would also shoot 1080p video with various frame rates. All other features would be on par with the G11.

No word on whether noise would take a step back or not.

The camera would be a niche market product and carry the appropriate price tag (a big one).

Announcement near the end of January or early February.


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  1. GX1 is an old recycled rumor first appeared before the G10 (or was it G9, am not sure). I believe it’s false this time round as well.

    It is very hard for all manufacturers (except for Fuji & Panasonic maybe) to make (at house) better tiny sensors than what they can buy from Sony in terms of (costs & performance). It was probably a bad move from Canon to try make their own compact sensors, they can try hard as Panasonic did for years when their compacts were known to be excellent except for horrible noise compared to the competition (as was the case with FZ30/50, lately with cameras like LX3 the problem is finally under control).

  2. Canon is the best quality in digital compact camera

    my farovite is sx 120 is

    maybe in 2010 nex generation of sx 130 is??

    with digic 5?

    please canon moor new compact camera power shot series

    in 2010 year

    happy christman for even foto fan/

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