Coming in February?
if you look at the right of the following link, you'll see the 5D Mark II with the firmware update under the raffle prizes.

Marketing (i.e viral linking to them) or do they actually know something?

Forum discussion at Cinema5D

Thanks Mathias


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  1. When I go to the Supermeet site, the prize clearly says “24p/25p firmware to be released separately”. That tells me they have zero idea when, and we’re all still in the wait game. I’m just saying.


  2. Disagree – The 40D and 50D do not have very accurate AF IMHO. Sure, they’re a bit faster, but they arent always more accurate. Another thing – the 5D has much narrower DOF at the same focal length of the 40D or 50D, therefore, for the untrained amature, it might be easy to miss focus. From my experience with the 5DMK2, I’ve gotten more consistent focus results that with my 40D.

  3. I use my 5DMK2 at weddings all the time, and have yet to miss a crucial shot due to focus issues. Also, when thinking about the reception where it is dark, or the ceremony where it is darker, I almost always have my 580EX2 on top, which assists with AF. No problems here!

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