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Canon 24-70 f/2.8L IS

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Apparently the folks at Canon even want a 24-70 f/2.8L IS!

I vote misprint for now, even though they make it more than once.

Something more?

I’m on the road so I can’t post any screenshots in case the correction is made by Canon.

thanks Ettore


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  1. I’m waiting for my 7D too. Because the 24-70/2,8 is very interesting lens in the 7D context I would like to discuss a little IS issue.
    IF you are not an IQ freak GOTO EXIT;
    Conventional angular IS deteriorates IQ in comparable degree as poor quality Circ-Pol filter (two additional surfaces air/glass + aberrations of movable lens + loss of light) — when the optical axis is coaxial to the whole system (like when IS is OFF). When the system is in action the quality of image deteriorates even more because this increases chromatic aberration and astigmatism of whole lens.
    Buy a monopod and use it when applicable. Monopod is also excellent with IS on.}

    The IS and even better HIS are still effective in difficult lighting conditions because the noise becomes an issue.;


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