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Canon “G”MOS [CR2]

The Evolution of the Powershot G
I received an email that Canon does indeed have an APS-C sized sensor “G” camera being tested/developed.

Test Camera Specs
15.1mp CMOS 1.6x Crop
3x Zoom  (24-70 IS, no speed information)
3″ 920k LCD
ISO 100-3200
SD Card
1080p HD Movie Mode
Body is slightly larger than the G10
New Battery
No Viewfinder (Flash shoe VF?)
Flash Shoe

We know a CMOS based G series camera with a larger sensor is coming. The source said we may not see this type of camera until Photokina 2010.


76 responses to “Canon “G”MOS [CR2]”

  1. I think the people wishlist is changing the rumor.

    It’s about the new G camera and not about digital rangefinder or small interchangeable lenses camera. Nothing about new lenses system or super compact camera.

    The G10 is already a great camera, if Canon can make the next G camera with APS-C sensor it would improve a lot!!!!!!! Is it not enough?

  2. I want a Canon M-style Leica. Small silent FAST and unobtrusive.

    I have a G-9 and it is slowish but has great lens quality and PORTABILITY. The G-10 is wider yes, but I want the old film LEICA SHOOTING SPEED and PERFORMANCE. So APS-C should fit the bill with the EF-S mount. A small zoom similar in size to the Pentax Normal SMCP-DA 40mm f/2.8 would enhance the portability

  3. PS: As a rumor site, anyone who responds IS HOPING TO HAVE SOME INFLUENCE TO CANON. The Rumors are talking points for SOONER OR LATER. They are great if soon and may influence purchase decisions in the short term. If later, to influence design. What else the purpose of the Internet?

    It is the hope beyond hope, that Canon listens to more than just their 10 STAR paid contributors for feedback. Canon is too much the Wizard behind the curtain and less as Bill Gates wrote in “Business at the Speed of Thought,” easy to communicate with market leader. Heck, Microsoft never learned the Bill Gates Lesson.

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