The Canon S6 IS should be announced sometime in June and ready to ship sometime in the summer.

Resolution: 10mp
Sensor: CCD
Zoom: 15x (28-420)
Flash shoe: Yes
Memory: SD
Battery: Dedicated Li-Ion
Screen: 2.5″ articulating
Body: Rubberized gripping & lighter weight
Ergonomics: Jog wheel introduced
Image Type: RAW & Jpeg

This camera will NOT be a CMOS sensored camera. Look for Canon to put their CMOS P&S sensors in the G line first. That will upset a few.

Canon will announce this camera at the same time as the SX200. The G9 probably won't be announced until Photokina if Canon does 2 rounds of announcements. Rumors suggest Canon will do a P&S announcement and an SLR announcement on separate dates.

Other Products:
Look for Canon to announce a 430EX II as well as a 250EX. The 250EX will be for compact cameras… ideally the S6 IS and G10. It'll also work with previous cameras with flash shoes. It's about time.

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