We're standing by the specifications we posted a few days ago for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. We and others have received suggestions that the sensor in the camera is actually going to be 24mp, which contradicts the very solid evidence we have that says it will indeed be 20.2mp. What our information doesn't specify is whether or not it's the identical sensor to the EOS 70D.

If what we posted turns out not to be true, it will be the greatest hoax of specs that I have seen in the 6 years we've been around. I will release what we have in our possession after the announcement if it turns out we were wrong.

Lenses at Photokina
We have nothing we'd call better than 50/50 on what lenses will show up for Photokina. If you know what's coming, please let us know. You can do so anonymously here.


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