EOS R, Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip review?


Oct 2, 2014
Hi! Now that the price of BG-E22 has been lowered I wonder if anyone seen a review with the grip?
Preferably on youtube? As I feel the R is slightly unbalanced with 70-300 L I was thinking to try a grip.
But before I splash out all that money I would really want to learn how it looks and feels on the camera.


Apr 6, 2017
I've not seen any reviews but bought one as soon as it was available.
It definitely helps on the bigger lenses.
Since I bought the 28-70 I very rarely use the R without it.
After a shooting session I just plug into the USB and give it a top up

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Mar 25, 2011
I just received mine tonight. I found one for $250 which seemed like a good deal, I was looking for some way to get a better grip on the camera without letting my thumb keep sliding onto the lcd and causing the AF point to be in the upper right corner. I had not really read about it, so I was surprised to get a PD-E1 USB charger with it. I had just bought a generic USB C charger which works fine charging the camera, so now I have a OEM one. I do not need 2 batteries, but I popped a 2nd spare into the grip and am charging them to make sure it charges properly. Its charging the first battery now, then I expect it to charge the 2nd.

The grip feels fine and sturdy, but I need to put some mileage on it to see how I like it.
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