The 6D series camera

Aug 8, 2018
Hi there , My name’s Morona

The 6D series camera does not have a joystick for focus point selection. However, the combo of the top dial and back dial can be used to quickly move the point around. Top dial does left and right, back dial does up and down.

However, the direction for the back dial seems backwards/unintuitive to me. Clockwise moves the point down and counterclockwise moves it up. It feels naturally wrong to me. Is there a way to switch this in the camera? I dug around briefly and didn't see anything [size=1pt]สมัครufabet[/size]
Thank you


Apr 3, 2013
Isle of Wight
Hi Morona.
Welcome to the forum.
From page 94 of the English UK manual you can use the multi direction rocker thingy, joystick substitute hiding between the rear wheel and the set button.
With a custom setting enabled (page 324) you can select an AF point directly with the multi controller without pressing the AF select button.
Do you have C.Fn III -1 Dial direction during Tv/Av set, don’t know if this would cause your problem it or not!

Cheers, Graham.