An unreleased Canon camera appears for certification.

As long as it is cheaper to make them than to sell them, Canon will continue to sell them. Making money is a good point. We got a 90D because the M6 II can't properly replace it. And I think the higher end APS-C market is less likely to get updates because of Canon's desire to push people into FF - see lack of an M5 II and 7D III (Though these may be coming still, who knows).

I wouldn't be surprised if Canon were the very last Manufacturer to stop making entry level DSLR, even though they have basically the most popular crop mirrorless system which could replace it.

To be sure, you're talking about two different things here. In your first paragraph you're talking about distinctly non-entry-level cameras.

In the second you are indeed talking about entry level DSLRs, and your odds of being right are 50% as, if I recall correctly, there are only two DSLR manufacturers left, Canon and Nikon.

I personally wouldn't be surprised if, 5 years from now, Canon is no longer making Rebels (or maybe they'll start applying the name to mirrorless cameras), but is still making higher end DSLRs for those whose use cases can't get along with an EVF. DSLRs will be well on their way to being a "niche" product (and I don't mean that in a disparaging way--I mean it in the sense of "specialized").
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