Beautiful bokeh! Let me see yours!



SecureGSM said:
Pookie, outstanding. I love the "Cinematic" look of the image. The tonal range that was choosen is a perfect match for the models inner beauty... I wonder if you ended up appliying a filter of worked you way through one step at the time in order to "colour grade" the image? You have a magnificent sense of colour balance and key to ambient light ratios. Very Holywood like look and feel. Thank you, Sir!

Pookie said:

Thanks SecureGSM... Over the years I've developed my own sets of grading dependant on the lighting used and conditions. From that point I usually tweak it just a little for the specific shoot. Unfortunately there are never one size fits all solutions that you you can just apply without thought. Once dialed in though i will apply the final adjustments to the entire shoot to maintain consistency.


CR Pro
Apr 3, 2013
Isle of Wight
Hi Folks.
Not sure if this is bokehlicious enough to count? Whilst walking on the local sea front I saw this arrangement of shells that had been left by someone else, I felt their efforts worthy of preserving before nature :) or nurture ::) removed it. ;D
Two different views with slightly different results,
the first was with the camera sitting at the same height as if it were placed on the wall, 7DII 100-400 L II
the second was about a third of the body (the grip) below the wall surface 7DII 100-400 L II + 1.4xIII

SE0A9827_DxO by Graham Stretch, on Flickr

SE0A9826_DxO by Graham Stretch, on Flickr

Cheers, Graham.