Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images


Oct 31, 2016
Canon has never made a bad FF body, but a poor driver can make a Porsche a horrible car with your logic I guess.

Defending Canon move to keep on polishing a turd with a lower tier EOS R model because of sales is like Sony users defending Sony
Whether the RP retails for $1299 or $1599, I think Canon might try to position this camera on the shelves of popular department stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and so on; all of this in attempt capture the market of casual consumers who aren't photography professionals. It has the potential to become the most affordable, visible, and accessible full-frame system out there in that case. If they're clever, they'll use in-store promo material to demonstrate the sensor size comparisons to APS-C and M4/3, and show the differences in DoF along with all the other full-frame benefits that manufacturers like to tout.

$1600 might be too pricey for that market especially without a lens.

Something like M50 II with RF mount would be more ideal for those price sensitive market.
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EOS RP + 5D Classic
Aug 31, 2018
Very true all that—though I've heard some talk from clients about a competitor who uses an Arca-Swiss/digital back and apparently uses a cart now to drag his lights around on a shoot. Who uses lights now with digital? And even though nobody can see the difference in images out of that camera compared to FF—they still get the notion they're getting their money's worth from that guy. They get dinner AND a show!

Wait a minute, which lights is he dragging around that people apparently don't use anymore? Surely you don't mean strobes, which people use all the time?
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Aug 26, 2015
Yeah and that's a very real argument for getting one, even though all that speed is wasted in architectural when I'd stop it down to f/8 anyway…..
Well, there are plenty of other ones, like the 11-24mm which I got for a lot less than it was new (and still like new), because people seem to loose interest in big, bulky lenses that look more impressive :) But I think it will be looked at again a bit more, if the EF-EOS R filter adapter works as well as promised.
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Aug 26, 2015
I started into the thread but have baled after one page because it's the same old whining of those who should forget about Canon and shoot with the best that is on the other side of the fence. Get a life, go out and do some photography or join the Sony forum and have a love-in.

Yep, they have put it up and it's hilarious already, I think YT reaction videos are coming up before the full specs and price :)


Oct 31, 2016
Canon has never made a bad FF body, but a poor driver can make a Porsche a horrible car with your logic I guess.

No FF camera in the last 5 years is a bad camera for photographer just a poorly value camera. We are all spoil with choices.

A poor photographer doesn't make 5DIV/1DXII a bad camera just like a poor driver can make a porsche a horrible car anymore since we all know what that camera and car is capable off.

Canon 6D II had a poorer sensor performance compared to my 6D and a poorly value one too compared to the competitions. It came out with MSRP of $2000 and quickly drop to $1300.

Those 5 amazing lens that was leaked will be expensive especially the trinity lens, and 85 1.2. With an entry EOS R, I don't know if people would go buy it immediately.
Those lenses are specifically aimed at a higher market. We just Canon would release a better camera body who aim at a higher end market to buy those pro lens.
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Aaron D

Jul 21, 2016
Kansas City
Wait a minute, which lights is he dragging around that people apparently don't use anymore? Surely you don't mean strobes, which people use all the time?

Yeah I know they do—but in architectural and interiors photography it's my own belief that when you introduce lighting to a space, you're 'destroying' (too strong a word…over-writing?) the designer's work. Lights are required for a lot of uses, but for capturing an interior accurately, in digital it's possible to add another exposure in PS and preserve the original ambience…...
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Dec 18, 2011
What I do not like is
* very different from M50 layout
* Menu button on the left side (see above)

What I like is
* price if it is 1300 $ / EUR
* size
* weight
* three C-settings
* mode dial

What I would like: A body only version or a body + controlring adapter version!

Seeing forward to this body to mate it e.g. with 100mm Macro or 100mm F2 lens and ... EF 400 5.6 with 2x converter AND FULL WORKING AF !!!

The no buy case would be the same sensor like 6D mark ii - maybe it is 26.2 MPix for full sensor and 24 MPix for images - so a different sensor. In this case I am shure they will not do it because they have to set a big foot into the open door of the mirrorless market and IQ has to be very close to EOS R.


Oct 31, 2016
Ahhhh cmon Canon, really?? 6D mark II, do we really need another bad full frame camera. Well there's nothing left here to do then switch to Sony... :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Sony A7III, A7RIII, A9 EVF is poor compared to EOS R. Their ergonomic is a mess too. They cut corner like EVF and LCD screen to get to affordable price. It may or may not matter to you.

I wouldn't switch to Sony and wait until the next generation and hopefully they fix some of the issues. By then you can consider Canon EOS R Pro, Sony and Panasonic S1.


Oct 18, 2011
I have a 60D (really old and worn out), 70D and a 5DIII.

The video quality of the 6D mark II is kinda soft, it is slightly worse compared to the 70D in my opinion. I need a FF 4K body with good autofocus during video, and the MarkIII is lacking that feature, so I was waiting for a long time for Canons no crop no bullshit 4K camera but unfortunately it didn't came.
This. Im working my 80D and a GH4, and was hoping that either a 90D w/ 4k or something like this RP would help me shrink down my kit some. If I could stick all to LP-E6 batteries (and charge them in camera), suddenly that shrinks down my multiple battery types and chargers. Also allows me to carry 1/2 the lenses since I can adapt EF to RF cheaply (compared to Metabones at $400). Having used the first gen Sony a7R, I know all the limitations it had and switched back to Canon.

The 6DII was supposed to be the answer to my problems...with 4k (even cropped), the same battery, and improved DR, etc. Instead, it somehow stepped back. The 90D seems like its an afterthought currently. This sounds like a 6dII with worse battery life. Sony caught up to Canon in autofocus and battery life...and the list of drawbacks is getting shorter by the day.

Cant imagine Canon having what I need by summer.
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Oct 31, 2016
Well the switch is making me sad, I'm sort off forced to buy something with 4K because some clients ask if I shoot in 4K, and I always have to say no...

Buy whatever tool require to do your job. No point is being emotional about it. That's what I am doing if EOS R Pro is another good enough camera. Eventually Sony may not provide you with what you need and you switch to another company when it's viable.


I'm New Here
Oct 14, 2014
You realize it was a lackluster camera back in 2017. It's 2019 now so it is even worse now by today's standards. It could the worst brand new full frame camera this year and beyond.
It has the Canon colors and ergonomics, so that's enough to keep the Canon faithful happy. They lived with the 7d ii sensor being poor, with the fact that Sony's sensors always seem to be a step above Canon's, but hey, when you are the market leader(overall) and have great colors you can afford to be average and get by, apparently. Of course people will say they take great shots with the 6d. Canon will discount as usual, throw in a printer nobody wants, make it look like a great deal. They'll still sell a load of these.


1DX Mark II
Sep 29, 2015
This body makes no sense to me..... It has a sensor with marginally less resolution than the EOS R and all else looks eerily similar...

You'd think Canon would next come out with a much higher-end pro-oriented or a consumer-level much cheaper body and not this almost-an-R thing....

All that said... I just finished a CPS eval of the "R" and I like what I see -- a lot... Still there are issues... namely:

1. I don't like the way the EVF behaves after a shot... There should be an option to always go back to live view and not simply mimic what the LCD does... which is generally a preview.

2. Speaking of the LCD.. there should be a way to have it simply do a few-second preview and then off... The way I have all my dSLRs set to do. This "always on" displaying something or always off binary choice is annoying and a waste of battery.

3. We need more than 5FPS.. even if only in a crop mode.

4. That slider thingy is useless. I want my joystick back...

My favorite "feature" this has over any dSLR -- the ability to AF anywhere on the sensor with any lens/TC combination of any effective maximum aperture -- and do it WELL as well as FAST..

The first two issues could be fixed in software right now. I like way more than I disliked, but not enough to buy it. I'll stick to my 5DSR and 1D4 until Canon addresses my four concerns... which I'm sure they will within a year or two.... LOL...

Either way... I am quite sure this camera along with Nikon's "Z" series represents the end of the dSLR.... I know when I finally buy into this, I'm never looking back...

I just returned my CPS Loan yesterday.
1: Yes totally agree
2: In agreement
3: 100%
4: Completely useless.

Trey T

Feb 6, 2019
Yes but in one of the many interviews with Canon executives which were posted on CR in these last few months they did say that there weren't going to be exact matches between DSLR and mirrorless lines, and that's also what has happened with the APS-C and M series: there is no exact equivalent for one model in the respective other line; the M5 lacks some features of the 77D, 80D and vice versa. (They also said that the EOS R was positioned somewhere between the 6D and 5D IV. Maybe that's just marketing speak. Maybe it's what they actually think).
All that being said: the RP looks like the M50 full frame equivalent. I enjoyed the whine-fest when that camera came out, I'm enjoying the whine-fest now: It's still going to be a very capable camera. And so many --supposedly pro-- users on this site keep mentioning how much they love the M50 as their n-th body: so it appears that even pros can work with entry-level models.
One more thing: as of next week there are going to be two R models available, and at least 8 lenses, for a system launched just half a year ago. EF-S hasn't seen a new lens for over two years (yes yes I know it's dead, silly me for still enjoying my camera), and EOS M users needed *a lot* of patience before getting their lens count up to 8. So claiming that Canon isn't committed to the R system is just plain wrong. And if you're not happy with the EOS RP then wait for the pro body, which I'm sure won't be too long. But as of now this is a little bit like moaning that the EOS 2000D doesn't have all of the features and ergonomics of the 7D II. Different tool. Different target audience. And part of the strategy: cheaper entry point into FF so as to increase sales.
Do you know what the "RP" stands for?

If the R sits between 6D and 5D, then this RP will sits below the 6D (probably price about $1300). I hope they will make a MLIC that sits between 7D and 1D (fast fps consideration).
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CR Pro
Aug 27, 2018
Same here. I've got the 5Div and now the R and I can't wait to ditch EFs altogether. Biggest hole I'm going to have for a while is TS-E lenses—and I'm not sure how absolutely essential those are anymore, with an excellent 15-24 coming up.

And a very real concern I have though is psychology: I showed off my new R to a client who told me, "Nobody's going to take you seriously with that little thing." No kidding.

Should'a bought an Oly EM1DX :p


EOS M6 Mark II
Oct 19, 2018
Got rid of the Touch Bar? Great! Replaced it with... Nothing?! Just move the freaking AF-ON button back there for god's sakes!
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Aug 9, 2012
Milano, Italy
Canon used to produce a 24 Mpixel APS-C "low DR sensor" (M3 and DSLRs).
Then they switched to a 24 Mpixel APS-C "high DR sensor" (M5, M6, 80D etc.).
["high DR" according to Canon's standards]

So, we still can hope that the 26 Mpixel sensor in the RP will feature on-chip ADC and therefore improved Dynamic Range.
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