Here are some crazy Canon EOS R1 specifications [CR0]


Oct 19, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
We're not "typical consumers" and many were willing to do 20MP for the other benefits; in fact many found that a positive benefit.

Whether A) your attitude is typical in the 1-series customer base (maybe most disagree with you) and B) Canon recognizes this, will make a marked difference in what happens.
No I'm not a typical consumer I work for one of the largest sports agencies in the world. I would be replacing 24 kits and for us that's 56 bodies and their associated glass.

There is (are) no benefit(s) of a governed or limited 20MP that cannot be adjusted while shooting.

This technology has been in camera since the 1DX and its very simple to shoot at a reduced file size in RAW and JPG. This 20MP, straw dog or red harring is played out. If someone wants to shoot at 20MP let them perhaps they want to shoot at 8MP, let them. But there is no reason to limit the resolution any longer, that thinking and technology was even in the original 1DX in 2011/2

One has to wonder why people don't look at A1, R5, Nikon z, and even the 1DXMKIII and realize decreasing file size is eazy on "the buffer" ROFL.

It's about time our industry matured with equipment that is comprehensive.


Jul 11, 2018
ok, so given that the Z9 will supposedly do 8K and have a stacked sensor... Let's just assume it (the Z9) will rival the Sony A1 overall. Then the R1 needs to pretty much match that. I for one expect it will. If it was to be slower with lower resolution and a higher pricetag, that would be like when Sony released the A900 without video capabilities just when the Canon 5DmkII came out (except the Sony A900 at least had a price advantage)

Michael Clark

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Apr 5, 2016
Someone has way too much time on his hands...

Someone else needs to mind their own business. I don't tell you how to budget your time. You don't need to waste your time worrying about how I spend mine on the one or two days a month I even visit this site.
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