Canon has released an interactive brochure for the Canon EOS R3


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Apr 1, 2020
Anyone know if the new eyecup will be reversible? I'm left eye dominant and the cup looks made for right eye dominant photographers.
The product description at B&H says it rotates 360° with 90° Clicks.
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Aug 26, 2015
this page seems fake to me. I seen pages like this before everytime a new camera comes out. No proof of the camera, no subs.
Yeah, everything on the internet is fake, obviously and you must have checked the review as well.
Is that a fake picture and a fake test of 6K60p RAW recording? :LOL:



Dec 31, 2012
My current understanding (based on forum posts and my own examination of images of the R3 shoe, ST-E10 base, 1D X shoe and bases of current sealed and non-sealed flashes that I have in hand, but subject to change) is that you can use the ST-E3-RT directly on the R3, but the combination will not be weather sealed. If you use the AD-E1 shoe adapter (or the ST-E10), you'll have a weather-sealed combination.

Personally, I have an ST-E3-RT, 4 600EX-RT flashes, along with a 270EX II and MT24-EX. FWIW, I preordered both the ST-E10 and the AD-E1 adapter, but that was before I had the piece of information from Canon that non-sealed flash units can mount directly on the R3. I'll probably cancel/return AD-E1 once it's confirmed that direct mounting of sealed flashes on the R3 works (I have never used a flash in the rain), but I'll probably keep the ST-E10 – I like the smaller size, and I am used to controlling the flashes via the camera menus rather than the controls/LCD on the ST-E3-RT.
I also think every old hotshoe equipemnt should mount directly to the R3, albeit without (perfect) weather sealing.

I think the smaller size of the ST-E10 over the ST-E3-RT is worth the purchase alone. The R3 with the mounted ST-E10 will fit more easily into my bag, and this is great. Weight is a minor issue, but the fact that the ST-E10 doesn't need batteries to operate is another plus in the convenience category.

Additionally the ST-E10 is much cheaper than the ST-E3-RT, so it is not tooo heavy an investment.

I also almost never use flashes mounted directly to the hot shoe, and even less so in rain. With GPS built in, there is also no need for the GPS-E2-receiver (which I do use in rain), so I think there is very little need for the hot shoe adapter.


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Jun 6, 2012
Yeah, everything on the internet is fake, obviously and you must have checked the review as well.
Is that a fake picture and a fake test of 6K60p RAW recording? :LOL:

No one was allowed to show raw 6k footage, how come they could?


Apr 12, 2013
Shots with electronic shutter doesn’t count for the shutter durability of 500k or?!

Sweet nice brochure!

What I don’t like in general: 7,5 EV shooting buut only with f1.2 lenses… what about values to the other lenses?! even those new „dark“ ones with f7.1 & f11 ;)
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Dec 27, 2015
Northeastern US
Overall a nice brochure that summarizes the key features of the camera. With that said, I did not learn anything new by reading it. The R3 looks to be the mirrorless replacement for the 1Dx Mk3, which does make me wonder what the forthcoming R1 will be....