Canon is #1 in global market share for digital cameras in 2020, and their share grew

Sep 20, 2020
Why is so hard to understand that some people want a decent quality 4K in a camera costing less than $2500 (R6). Not 1.7x crop with hunting contrast detect AF.
That would have been a decent update to the M50. The M6 has no crop but has the worst quality 4K of any APS-C camera on the market and it's quite expensive.
M6 Mark II or 90D.
Although I would not consider either one of those as an M50 replacement.
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Love, joy, and peace to all of good will.
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Jan 28, 2015
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The real question is why so many are so fixated on FF when it's also very detrimental to another thing that so many rave about; the supposedly smaller size of mirrorless.
I think you assume that the majority those wanting FF actually care a whole lot about smaller size. I would not take forum rants as a barometer of desire.

So, if I buy a FF R5, then I get a camera less capable than an ASP-C sensor Canon like the M or the 90D? Don't think so.

Olympus? M43? Yeah, not competition. I have one. It sucks.
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Kit Chan

Sep 7, 2020
You take good wildlife photos with your M and those small lenses in your handbag?
I take better wild life photos with the ef-m 55-200 lens than my dad's Samsung Galaxy.

Once I start my photography business, I plan to set aside money for some EF telephotos for wildlife trips. But for casually going out, the 55-200mm is plenty for what I encounter walking down the street.
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Kit Chan

Sep 7, 2020
It’s only a problem for those who shoot video.
I do intend to get more into video, so switching to Fuji instead of upgrading to an M6II is very tempting.
However, at this stage, I only want to do web content and can't justify the storage and bandwidth costs for 4K video in my current budget and Fuji's cameras look like they're for hipsters, so I'll stick with Canon for now.
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David - Sydney

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Dec 7, 2014
Personally, I either grab the cellphone (for 95+% of the time) or I grab the big bad white zoom and the 1DX for racing or wildlife. But I don't lug the DSLR around "for fun" as I already have a camera on me (read: smartphone).
I think that this is a common situation now for most people now. I don't take my gear unless I know I will take photos that I can't take with my phone.
R5+16-35mm + either 70-200mm or 100-500mm depending
Special eg macro, astro or underwater

I took some action shots of my fast moving puppy chasing a ball (eye-Af was great @20fps ES) in the backyard with the R5/70-200mm and a facebook comment to my wife was "taken on Samsung"? :)
About the limit of what I can take now with the hard lockdown in Sydney at the moment being in the epicentre of the delta outbreak. 6 weeks so far and at least another month to go.
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Mar 19, 2012
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Digital camera market share in 2020 by manufacturer​

  1. Canon 47.9% (+2.5%)
  2. Sony 22.1% (+1.9%)
  3. Nikon 13.7% (-4.9%)
  4. Fujifilm 5.6% (-0.3%)
  5. Panasonic 4.4% (-0.3%)

Let's turn that input relative numbers:
1. Canon 45.4% -> 47.9% = +5.5%
2. Sony 20.2% -> 22.1% = +9.4%
3. Nikon 18.6% -> 13.7% = -26.3%
4. Fujifilm 5.9% -> 5.6% = -5.1%
5. Panasonic 4.7% -> 4.4% = -6.4%

That's gotta hurt a lot at Nikon.
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