Canon celebrates 20th consecutive year of No. 1 share of global interchangeable-lens digital camera market

Yes, very very odd "protectionist" policy to ban the use of the word "d00med" on the basis that it became a derogatory term used by fan-persons of Sony. What next I wonder - will the words "Sony" and "Nikon" be banned as being "politically incorrect" words on a Canon-orientated website? Most odd.
I suspect it was the mods or CR Guy having fun. It’s been on the banned word list for several years.
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Not true. I owned the Sony a700, which was in it's day one of the best DSLRs on the market, with excellent specs and great ergonomics. It certainly wasn't a failure in terms of design or performance, having inherited Minolta DNA. I only switched to Canon myself because Sony didn't have an upgrade path at the time (they later introduced the a99, a7 etc).

The truth is that Sony at the time were new to the DSLR market, in which Canon and Nikon were very much dominant, and rather than compete against them in their own field, they decided to develop an entirely new line of mirrorless products (the a7 line) which were in many ways hugely superior to DSLRs. Without a kick up the butt from Sony, there would be no R5, no Z9 - without a kick up the butt from Sony, we'd probably all still be using DSLRs.

Canon and Nikon were caught with their pants down, and it took them years to catch up, and to arguably surpass Sony. I say all this as a neutral observer, having owned extensive systems by Nikon, Sony and Canon. (I've used Canon for 12 years now and currently own a R5 and 7 RF lenses, as well as a 5DMkiv).
Agree. Sony has led the way into mirrorless.
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Companies do not give us anything.
They sell us things.
Canon just happens to sell gear that I like.
They do not have to make it and I do not have to buy it.
Well, that sets capitalism on it's head, doesn't it? I have a hobby. I need tools. I give Canon money, they give me a tool. I would find it a little disingenuous to suggest you weren't given your choice. Give doesn't have to mean it was provided for free. That's too literal a definition, I think.

Would you say you never gave Canon money because you got something in return? ;)
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Glad it has worked well for you, it has been a mixed bag for me. Focus acquisition and accuracy was abysmal on my EF 70-300 f/4L + R6 + genuine Canon adapter

That's pretty strange! I have the R6, and I have the 70-200 f2.8 L (the original one, released in 1995, so realy old tech and electonics); focus acquisition and accuracy are top notch, both in the studio (which is kept pretty dark, so I don't give AF much help) and in location.
And its speed and precision are top notch even with two 2x EF Canon Extenders stuck in a row (so having a practical 800mm f11 at the long end).
I admit that if I throw in the third extender (an old Kenko MC7) then the AF surrenders 95% ot times (but I got a couple of lucky focus locks, so it can be done; one extender + kenko focus without problems), but I'm pretty sure it's Kenko's electronics guilt, I feel a third original extender would still retain AF even at 1600mm f22. Never tried on R10 but I expect the same results.

For my experience (more then half of my lenses are EF, and will probably forever be) the EF lenses on R systems works better then what they were doing on DSLR's.
Especially I can vouch for the Sigma 50 f1.4 which I always had problems with consistence and accuracy at f1.4 especially for portraits at close distances (with so little DoF, me and/or the subject slightly moving between focus lock and actual shutter actuation, makes all shots critical) with my previous camera, the 6D; the hit rate for tack sharp was under 50%, I thought so many times to sell it due to frustration, it was a nightmare lens.
Well, with the R6 (in single shot, not in Servo) the hit rate is 99% tack sharp, I don't miss a picture anymore; the 50 f1.4 literally has reborn again, and now is my favourite lens for available light outside the studio. And all the other lenses are as fast, or faster, and super accurate; so I really can't see the R system as anything less then a gift for my EF lenses, which gained a second, and better, life.
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I had the Sigma 50 f/1.4 Art and didn't like the bokeh, which is why paid up for the Canon 50 f/1.2 RF, to each their own since this is subjective, but yes, hard to find good bokeh especially with foliage background. My favorite was the Zeiss Milvus 50 f/1.4 (made by Cosina Japan), loved almost everything about it including the bokeh, but couldn't live with the manual focus.
[Sorry for the Off Topic].
You're certainly right.
But my previous 50mm were the EF 50mm 1.8 STM and the RF 50mm 1.8 STM, and I consider the bokeh from the Sigma much better.
Of course there's room for improvement, but my budget is limited.
My 2023 improvement has been the replacement of the EF 100-400 II with the RF 100-500.
My 2024 improvement could be the upgrade from the nice RF 16mm 2.8 STM to the RF 14-35mm IS L.
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