HP Spectre x360


Feb 13, 2013
Czech Republic
Does anyone have experience with using HP Spectre x360 for photo processing? Even as the main computer?

I had a chance playing with a 13" top spec model (but FHD screen) and I really liked it. I especially liked option to convert it to tablet and use stylus - that was kind of selling point for me. The model I used had built in screen protector which was completely unsuitable for any photo work.

Now I'm considering going for 13" FHD or UHD top spec without screen protector. I'm not sure if I shouldn't go straight to 15" UHD top spec and make it my main machine.

I know that there may be better options but I really liked 2-in-1 option with stylus together with good pricing for the HW. Dell XPS is better but is more expensive and does not have 2-in-1 with stylus.


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Feb 8, 2014
Blyth, NE England
I've had one for a couple of years (Intel i5, 128gb SSD, Win 10, FHD, 8 gb RAM) and it's a nice enough laptop - I've used it for holiday image management/editing, and it's fine: I used it with a USB 3.0 external HDD and it was fast and effective.

But the battery life left a lot to be desired - which wouldn't matter if I was using it as my main machine of course, as it'd be mains-powered - but I could never properly colour-calibrate the screen (which might have been me, not the screen - but it was a problem nevertheless).

That being the case I can confirm that it's a decent piece of kit, but I no longer use it for image processing: and because I don't seriously crunch images anyway when I'm on holiday, it doesn't get used on trips either - my Acer R-13 Chromebook gets that gig these days.