Multiple cameras coming to the new Cinema EOS R lineup. Along with a new XC series camera. [CR2]


EOS M6 Mark II
Apr 15, 2020
The R300 has my interests, but I don't understand the following bullet:
  • No RAW capability internally at launch
Why can it not have RAW capability internally at launch?
I'm thinking in the same way the 5D Mk IV didn't had Canon Log at launch. They may offer as a future paid firmware upgrade?
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Sep 26, 2017
Madison, WI
I'm thinking in the same way the 5D Mk IV didn't had Canon Log at launch. They may offer as a future paid firmware upgrade?
They might also be looking at heat and throughput to the cards. The real question is how many people actually use RAW without using an external recorder? That number might be lower than you think.
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CR Pro
  • Sep 3, 2019
    Interesting, the modes that they can manage to put on an SD Card!!!

    This is *slightly* off topic here, but the only thing I would like to do on my R5 that I cannot do without a CFexpress card is the high frame rate stuff. (The other stuff I might play with a bit but I can borrow someone's card for that.) Looks like it's at least possible in 1080p, even as high as 180 fps. But even 1080/120p is missing from the R5.

    Anyhow, from what you all are saying, this is excellent and exciting news!!
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    EOS R3
    CR Pro
    Dec 27, 2015
    Northeastern US
    There are several possibilities: maybe it is a new RAW codec that is still under development.

    Or, because it very much looks like a cut-price C300 Mark III, it is a paid firmware upgrade, like with some Sony and Panasonic cameras where if you don't use this feature, you don't have to pay for it.

    It is quite funny how people said the C500 Mark II undervalued the C700, and then they said the same again about C300 Mark III versus the C500 Mark II

    Unless there is a big catch somewhere, this camera may do the same yet again, with a much more flexible mount and the option of a Speed Booster for EF-mount lenses.
    All are very possible scenarios. I guess we will know in another month or so.
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    EOS R
    Aug 26, 2015
    No interchangeable lens mount on the XC20?! Well, that's right out then...
    Why would you want that on a 1-inch sensor anyway - instead of having that constant aperture lens designed for video at the smallest possible size and weight.
    With that lens and some other improvements, it's probably a pretty solid upgrade on the XC15.
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    R5, C70
    Mar 12, 2019
    Well, apparently I am not understanding the video,as those cameras, apart from R300, seemkind of underspecced. Why the heck no IBIS? Shouldn't it become natural part of most high end releases nowadays? 8 bit, no raw, for such a money?
    From what I understand most cinematographers prefer not to have IBIS on their Cine cameras.
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    Deleted member 384473

    I hope Canon never puts Ibis in a cinema camera. It is just not professional looking with all wobbles that’s what gimbals are for. The codecs will probably be H.265 so most of the footage will be terrible to edit. The specs for all these cameras are great but again using RF glass for cinema is not a wise thing to do. But the RF to EF with the variable ND that is a wonderful set up on a small little body like this. The RF mount I believe will make EF glass even more valuable because of the adaptability.
    I imagine some directors shooting run and gun documentaries would find it useful - but given the new modular design, gimbal work should be more convenient & a safer option. There is also the electronic 5-axis image stabilizer that can help if you learn how to use it. The IBIS wobble we've seen on the mirror-less R5 on wide lenses renders shots unusable in most cases except Youtube vlogs IMO. However at longer focal lengths, it looks good. The IBIS in the R5 is crucial for photography. I've seen shots hand held that would've needed a tripod or a surgeons hand really taking advantage of the IBIS. Big win for stills shooters.

    At first, I didn't understand why we hadn't heard or seen a road map for RF cine glass , but with the announcement of the new EF to RF adapter for these cine cams, it all made sense. Though, it would be interesting to see what Canon can do with the extra flange distance on a Cine lens.
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