New 5D4 Memo recording firmware -- usable for multiple cards?

EOS M6 Mark II
Sep 24, 2012
Colleagues --
I was very happy to see the 5D4 firmware upgrade to allow voice memo recordings on my 5D4. (I'm a photojournalist.) I had CPS install this at once.

My question is: can this be made to record the WAV file to BOTH cards, or only one?

My default setting on my 5D4 bodies are to "record to multiple cards", meaning that each image I take is recorded identically to both the CF and th SD cards.

But my WAV files show up only on one card. In my "Record function-card/folder select', when I set it to 2, the WAV file is only recorded to 2, not to 1, the CF card.

Is there a setting allowing recording to both cards?

Thank you all for your assistance and advice.


Phil Indeblanc

Apr 8, 2014
Wow, I love such a feature. Used to have it on the 1Ds I think. I was only doing studio then, and still found some use for it.