Angelbird cards

1st time post...pulling my hair out a little from poor support and goes

I have an eos r5c intial purchase included a sandisk 128gb cfx for images and later to increase storage with higher volumes for video.

new card ok recording time on canon 8k raw lt @ 60 fps gave a recording time of 6 mins

So needed more volume big time....Purchased a 2tb Angelbird card placed in camera and formatted did a little vid and couple of stills seemed ok......However when I glanced at the viewfinder it was giving me a run time with the above settings of 53 mins....working back this indicated 1tb....went onto windows and explored the properties of the card formatted by the eos had only formatted/available 953gb.....aprrox 1tb. the file is std exfat 32 does the camera only see a max drive size of 1tb, do I need to format with an Angelbird card reader, I have the latest firmware on eos but the blurb says eos r5 is ok with these cards how do you format and any problems or ideas support is sketchy I do need to acertain the capacity of the card and the fact that it could be counterfit although purchased from a main dealer
What happens if you format the card on your computer?
same as however things are not that simple....take a deep breath

Windows shows 953 Gibibytes....not gigabytes so when formatted on computer this is what it shows which equates to...1tb = 931.323

to understand this rocket science search google for an explanation of windows and gigibytes and look for a the kit should show approx twice that figure.

to answer you what you asked tried every thing but it is a very one sided conversation with sales staff
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Does the complete disk (not partition or volume) show up as 1TB as well? It's been a while since I used windows, diskpart should be able to show the size of the disk, have a look at
Thanks for your note....the DOS aspect of it confirms the same 953 1tb

Raised my concerns with the retailer he seemed to agree, I used Nikon gear but moved over to Canon and dont have anything else to slot the card into to confirm prepaid lable sent to me to return for thier evalutaion... bit of a problem if all of the stock is dodgy need a pucker card as the integrity of the rest of the card could be in question if its a fake....appears there are lots on the market.

As an aside I shall be more involved with this forum even if it is just to send the odd shot.

I also have the twin fisheye lens to go with the r5c so this area still in its infancy regards plug ins etc may be useful to discuss this with others in the future. Will keep you posted of the out come of this problem as it does open and broaden other peoples understanding of data and capacity etc, and have more involvement in general.

Thank you for your reply's.....Philip
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